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Terpenes 2ml

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beeZbee Terpenes are aromatic oils extracted from fruits and botanical plants. Each terpene has its own scent, flavor, and effect. beeZbee Terpenes are available in 14 different varieties:

Afgoo Blueberry: Reduce Anxiety, Boost Mood, Improve Sleep
Blue Dream: Reduce Anxiety, Reduce Pain, Boost Mood
Girl Scout Cookies: Reduce Stress, Reduce Pain
Gorilla Glue: Reduce Stress, Boost Mood
Grape Ape: Reduce Stress, Reduce Anxiety, Boost Mood
Green Crack: Reduce Stress, Increase Energy
Jack Herer: Increase Energy, Increase Focus
Sour Lemon OG: Boost Mood, Increase Energy, Reduce Anxiety
Sour Skittles: Boost Mood, Increase Energy
Super Lemon Haze: Increase Energy


Directions: Combine 1-2 drops of terpenes for every gram of CBD distillate