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CBD+Delta-8 THC Pain Cream

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New beeZbee CBD+Δ8-THC Pain Cream combines two powerful cannabinoids to provide maximum pain relief. The pain cream is available in 3 different strengths depending on your needs: 

  • Low strength contains 100mg CBD + 100mg Δ8-THC for a total of 200mg cannabinoids. This strength is ideal for minor aches and pains.
  • Medium strength contains 250mg CBD + 250mg Δ8-THC for a total of 500mg cannabinoids. This is ideal for those who need stronger and more potent relief. 
  • High strength contains 600mg CBD + 600mg Δ8-THC for a total of 1200mg cannabinoids. High strength provides strong pain and inflammation relief, ideal for those with chronic pain.

Choose from either blood orange or lavender. Apply a small amount to affected areas and massage into skin. Use as often as needed.